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A Tipping Point for Innovation

“It is the most cogent, coherent frameworks — filled with powerful data and marvelous stories — of how tech ecosystems can thrive in rising cities here and abroad… I’m sharing this book with every corporate and policy leader I know…” Read Chris Schroeder’s full review here


The Keystone- Complex Systems and Coronavirus with Brad Feld

In this episode of If you don’t already have The Keystone podcast, focused on ecosystem builders, on your radar, you need to. In this episode, Brad discusses how coronavirus is a complex system, along with some updates and insights to the forthcoming Startup Community Way.

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Vibrant Entrepreneurial Ecosystems Increased Employment Growth by 15%

COVID has highlighted the need for economically resilient cities. A recent analysis found that vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystems increased employment growth by 15%.  The top 3 cities? San Jose and San Francisco, California, and Boulder, Colorado.  How do city officials, investors, founders, and others come together to build and foster these types of communities? While the […]